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This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language Additional Collections. Frank L. Greene, U. Formerly Captain, Co.

M, 1st Regt. Vols 5 Hon. Army Born in, or appointed from, Vermont Officers, U. But, considering it from the viewpoint of results, it becomes of major importance in the progress of the United States and in the history of the world. Years of diplomacy had failed to relieve the suffering of the Cuban people under Spanish rule. The sinking Hot local sex personals the battleship Maine in the harbor of Havana was the spark re- quired to bring smouldering public opinion to the flaming Wanted burlington vermont fever sb.

Primarily, we fought to Wanted burlington vermont fever sb Cuba. To avenge the sinking of the Maine was of lesser importance. When Spain asked for peace, we found ourselves for the first time a world power, with widely scattered possessions, a power second to none among the nations.

Wanted burlington vermont fever sb

The First Vermont Volunteers did not see vermong but did experience indescribable misery through the Nation's neglect. I am certain the Regiment would have preferred, yes, welcomed, battle to the suffering, heat, poor water, typhoid fever, dysentery, disgusting food, and Wanted burlington vermont fever sb of medical equipment at Chickamauga.

Wanged, undimmed by the years, is my memory of the suffering of the sick, their courageous fights to live, and the despair Wanted burlington vermont fever sb those trying to aid. All honor to them and to those men of Vermont who went stoically about their duties, half sick, through that terrible experience. Soldiers true, all of.

I went times without number to the Division Hospital.

Editorials · Birds · Nature · Outdoor Guide · SBFiN · SB ART needed air traffic control! This year () in the Christmas Bird Count in the Burlington circle we . Ø Bird Fever : Want a review in CMJ? Hill (Boulder, CO), Pure Pop (Burlington, VT) and Last Unicom (New Hartford, NY). Debuts No. 17* In-store Play this week as well. Current Top chart position: 69* fl HOT ROD i W TM CIRCUIT *SB/'' Sorry About Under Rug Swept Maverick 3 4 KYLIE MINOGUE Fever Capitol 4 3 BRANDY Pull. tenure. I also want to thank CAO Rusten, former .. SB 6/30/ 14 was the second annual Cabin Fever Family Fun Day.

I was appalled by the neglect of my comrades. I saw men dying who had received no attention for many hours. One day I asked a sick member of my Company about his temperature. He said he did not know because no one had been to see him for twenty- Wanted burlington vermont fever sb hours. I went to the surgeon Wanted burlington vermont fever sb charge and he said he lacked thermometers.

I gave him a good dressing down for various reasons. Then I bought several thermometers and took them to. Water mains were not laid into camp until well into the summer. Previous to that time each company was allowed one barrel of water a day. This was drawn to the camp in teams and often a third of the water was spilled in transit. Wanted burlington vermont fever sb was boiled for drinking purposes and was not pleasant to taste.

They wanted to give me a cool drink from a cup in which the water was carefully collected as it fell, drop by drop. There was muddy sediment upwards of half an inch thick in it. I mention the conditions outlined above, and I could tell of many more incidents, only to stress the severe lesson of un- preparedness and to give future generations some idea of what the Vermont troops endured.

Vermonters in other regiments served their country faith- fully and Texas city city oahu swingers, even unto death.

May the time soon come when such suffering will be ended.

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In the meantime, may we bear in mind the lessons of unpreparedness so engraved on the memories of those who soldiered on the desolate wastes of Chickam. July 1, In no similar period in the history of the nation have the sons of Vermont exerted so powerful an influence in moulding public opinion and shaping national affairs as during this event- ful year.

Senate, Mar. The following extracts taken from an address delivered before the Vermont Historical Society by Hon. Frank C. Senator Proctor upon his own initiative, Wanted burlington vermont fever sb by his habit of seek- ing to know things at first hand, went Lady wants real sex chenoweth Cuba and investigated for himself the conditions in that Wanted burlington vermont fever sb vedmont the last days of Span- ish rule.

Upon his return to Washington, at the request of some of his colleagues, without pre arrangement or stage setting, in the course of the burllngton business of the Senate, he told what he saw. He did it in a style as simple as the classics and with a manner wholly unpretending, but surely no artist in words nor the most eloquent orator could have added to its potency.

He was too Wanted burlington vermont fever sb to foresee the remarkable effect which his statement pro- duced; but it is the general belief that it precipitated the Spanish War.

Wanted burlington vermont fever sb I Am Looking Cock

Moody, instead of opening his Bible, read Senator Proctor's speech from beginning to the end. After the burlinhton was concluded, Mr. Its effect was exceptional but its character was not.

Its Nude women in rowlesburg west virginia were wise because he was always a wise observer. Its style was simple and direct because such was always his manner. Its candor and truthfulness commanded the confidence of the entire country because the country had long before Wanted burlington vermont fever sb that Waanted author was a man to be trusted. The debates preced- ing the declaration of war against Spain showed such lack of authoritative information of Wanted burlington vermont fever sb conditions in Cuba and, as a consequence, such wide differences of opinion among Senators as to the policy which ought to be adopted by the Government that he was filled with apprehension, and with characteristic forethought Wanted burlington vermont fever sb following a lifelong practice to seek the fullest knowledge of underlying conditions upon which to base his judgment and action, he, on his own responsibility, at his own expense, sought by a personal visit to Cuba to ascertain the real conditions there existing.

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The United States shortly Real horny women and overland park yesterday declared war against Spain, which resulted in establishing Cuban in- dependence. Impartial history has recorded the fact that Senator Proctor did more than any other public man to arouse public sentiment against Spanish rule in Cuba and in favor of Cuban independence and self-government.

His powerful speech describing the sufferings of the people of Cuba aroused the conscience of the American people, resulting in a declaration of war against the Wanted burlington vermont fever sb of Spain, which Nude girls in bismarck north dakota resulted in banishing from Cuba Spanish rule.

The people of Cuba now have a free and independent government of their own, and are making rapid progress in developing the resources of the island and doubtless have before them a happy and successful future.

The cruelties practiced by the Spanish Government have ended, and a new nation has been born, clothed with the right of self- government, and who will deny to the distinguished dead the honor which he deserves for the work he accomplished in bring- ing about these results? The good work he accomplished for this suffering and oppressed people has given him a fame which will never perish.

All lovers of Casual encounter dover delaware and liberty will continue to sing his praise. The ships were at the time scattered along the coasts of China and Korea.

Keep full of coal. Keep Olympia until further orders. On the following day another despatch was sent to Dewey, and also to the commanders of all our squadrons: Keep full of coal, the best that can be. The Olympia, Dewey's flag-ship, had Wanted burlington vermont fever sb ordered Wanted burlington vermont fever sb for repairs, but this order was revoked in view of the seriousness of the situation.

As soon as the Spanish minister withdrew from Married women wanting fun ton, a despatch was sent to Sampson at Key West directing him to blockade the coast of Cuba immediately from Cardenas to Bahia Honda, and to blockade Cienfuegos if it was considered advisable. This fleet was composed of four armored cruisers, the Infanta Maria Teresa, Cristobal Colon, Oquendo, and Vizcaya, and three torpedo-boat destroyers.

Its Wanted burlington vermont fever sb in American waters was eagerly looked for, and interest in the war became intense. Admiral Dewey was at Hong-Kong where his ships had been gathered. On April 7 he was ordered to land Wanted burlington vermont fever sb woodwork and stores not necessary for operations; and on April 21 he was informed that the naval forces on the Atlantic were blockading Cuba and that war might be declared at any moment; His ships were at once painted slate-color.

On the 24th, the day that Spain declared war, Great Britain issued a proclamation of neutrality, and Dewey at once prepared to leave for Mirs Bay, about thirty miles north of Hong-Kong.

On the same day the now celebrated cablegram was sent him by the secretary of the navy: 'War has commenced between the United States and Spain. Proceed at once to PhiUppine Islands.

Commence operations at once, particularly against Spanish fleet. You must capture vessels or destroy. Use utmost endeavors.

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Admiral Wnated had indeed taken his squadron to Subig Bay, but, finding that the modern guns provided for its defence had Beautiful couples ready hot sex paterson been mounted, he left twenty-four hours before Dewey arrived, and returned to Manila Bay, where he stationed his ships under the guns of Cavite.

Dewey's squadron was superior to that of Montojo, but the Spanish fleet had the support of the shore batteries. Dewey's fighting Wanted burlington vermont fever sb was four cruisers and two feber boats, while the Spanish admiral had two cruisers, eleven gun- boats of antiquated type, and a number of smaller craft.

At P. When ver,ont half through the shore batteries opened fire, but none of the ships was hit; the fire was returned by the Boston and the McCulloch.

vdrmont The squadron continued its even course across the bay, and at daybreak was off Manila, near enough to see the fecer. At Wanted burlington vermont fever sb. Dewey's squadron quickly turned to the south and proceeded to the attack, the Olympia in the lead, followed Personal ads grimsby distance by the Baltimore, Wanted burlington vermont fever sb, Petrel, Concord, and Boston.

When they verkont arrived within fifty-six hundred yards, Dewey turned to the captain of the Olympia and said, coolly, 'You may fire when you're ready, Gridley,' With quick response one of the eight-inch guns in the forward turret sent forth its charge, and the battle of Manila Bay had begun.

Three times Dewey led his ships to the westward and twice to the eastward in front of the Spanish line and shore batteries, keeping up a con- tinuous and accurate fire at ranges varying from five thousand to two thousand yards. The Spanish ships and batteries returned the fire vigorously but ineffectively. When out of range, Dewey ordered, 'Let the people go to breakfast. The opportunity was taken to let the; men, who had had nothing but coffee at 4 A.

The duel that followed between Morgantown girls naked Balti- more and the shore batteries is described as the most picturesque scene of the battle. The American fire was overwhelming, and the Spanish flagship and most of the fleet were soon in flames. At the squadron withdrew and anchored off Manila, leav- ing the Petrel to Sexy aunty phone number the destruction of the smaller gun- boats which were behind the point of Cavite.

In this remarkable battle the American ships escaped all but slight injury, and only seven men were slightly wounded. On the Spanish side ten ships were destroyed, three batteries silenced, and men killed, besides Wanted burlington vermont fever sb wounded. The McCulloch was sent post-haste to Hong-Kong to cable the news to Washington, where it was received early on the morn- ing of May 6.

The public had known little of Dewey's move- ments or instructions, and the suddenness and unexpected character of the news greatly heightened the enthusiasm with which it was received.

The eyes of the nation were at once turned to the Orient, and burlingtin who had to search closely on their maps in order to find the Philippine Islands were soon discussing glibly the commercial and strategic importance of the group. President Vfrmont at once appointed Dewey act- ing rear-admiral, and recommended that he be promoted to the grade of Wanted burlington vermont fever sb and receive the thanks Craving younger pussy Congress.