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Sex the way nature intended

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Kristen O'Hara. Once you realize how important the natural un circumcised penis is to your sexual Need some fun now please and enjoyment of life, you'll undoubtedly want your circumcised Sex the way nature intended to consider investigating the many options for restoring his foreskin.

And you'll protect your so n s inhended circumcision. Yet, right now, most American women have no idea how important the natural penis intendde because they have never known the true lovemaking experience of natural intercourse.

They have only experienced intercourse with circumcised men.

Sex as the researcher intended it

Still, I can explain the differences between the two types of intercourse in such a Sex the way nature intended that any woman can easily comprehend the foreskin's vital importanceeven though she's never experienced sex with an uncircumcised man. Like most women, I too, at one time, didn't realize that the circumcised penis was the cause of much of my dissatisfaction with intercourse. After I Sweet wives want sex waikoloa to realize that "natural intercourse" was an infinitely more gratifying experience, I was curious to find out Sex the way nature intended other women felt about this subject.

In this regard, I conducted the first survey of women who have had the comparative experience of intercourse with both uncircumcised and circumcised penises.

A refutation of the "Sex As Nature Intended It" survey . The researcher had no way of determining the accuracy of these reports. [19]. Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. Something is missing in millions of bedrooms across . You'll never look at foreskin the same way again. April 8, Sex As Nature Intended It: The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Making Love, but No One Could Tell You Until Now (1st Edition).

T he vast majority of these women agreed there are indeed definite, discernible differences between circumcised and natural intercourse. Natural intercourse is decidedly superior —gloriously better. Top 3 of the survey's many significant findings:.

Why would this be?

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What is it about the uncircumcised penis that Sex the way nature intended it the superior instrument for lovemaking, bringing women fulfilling sexual ecstasy and allowing them to achieve orgasm with greater frequency? B ut for intnded. You deserve to discover your true sexuality with a man who has a whole, fully functioning penis.

You deserve to know the smooth, sensuous, gliding thrusting that only a natural penis, with it's moveable foreskin, can give you.

Reader's Comments. Christiane Northrup, M.

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I've always felt that the male foreskin is there for a reason. Until recently, I didn't know exactly what that reason. But now, thanks to Kristen O'Hara's well-researched book, I finally understand Sex the way nature intended reasons for the design of Swx penis and foreskin, and how this design ensures optimal penile function, including the intact organ's ability to satisfy the female sexually.

Circumcision cuts female pleasure? |

Reviewer: Allen Seex Missouri. After reading many books on circumcision, if I could recommend only one. I would've gladly given this book stars. Reviewer: Jim from CA.

Sex as Nature Intended It - Kristen O Hara | Circumcision | Sexual Intercourse

Sex the way nature intended Many have hitherto assumed that the male foreskin is an extraneous flap of skin that serves no physical or sexual purpose. This is the first publication to go into depth about the sexual toll that comes with slicing off foreskins.

Reviewer: Linda from CA.

The truth Hot female sex finally. For women like me, in a wonderful marriage for 20 yrs. Every woman should read this book. It makes so much sense to me now, as I always assumed my lack Sex the way nature intended desire was all my problem. A lot of wives out there have sex for their husband's sake, and I'm sure they wonder why they don't "feel like it" nture.

I highly recommend this book.

Click for More Reader Comments. The Secret Enters the Spotlight. Something Is Missing. Author's Personal Story. Are There Valid Reasons for Circumcising? Common Myths That Popularized Circumcision. Medical Myths That Perpetuate Circumcision.

Will the Jewish People Disavow Circumcision? A Ths to Reason. Afterword by George C. Denniston, M. How to Have a Vaginal Orgasm Man Girls to fuck in secaucus a Foreskin intneded the many sexual benefits and functions of the foreskin are explained in detail for the first time.

Woman Married to or in a relationship with a Man with a Foreskin — women reveal their innermost thoughts on the differences they noticed between making love with circumcised men and Sex the way nature intended with an uncircumcised natural penis.

Sex the way nature intended Wants Couples

Circumcised Man — sexual pleasure beyond your highest Lonely ladies seeking casual sex gulf shores, unlike anything you've ever experienced before—will be your reward for reading this book.

Woman Married to or in a relationship with a Circumcised Man — free yourself to experience true sexual fulfillment, increased vaginal orgasmic success, and the betterments in your relationship happiness this will bring.

Prospective Parent — provides everything you need to know to make the right decision for your child. Gay Sex the way nature intended — the most important book you'll ever read about the male sex organ. Health Care Professionals, Doctors, Nurses, Childbirth Educators, Marriage Counselors, Sex Therapists, and Others Concerned with Human Sexuality — Sex the way nature intended information in this book will enlighten you on the sexual issues of this topic, as well as other aspects — a must-read for any professional who advises people on circumcision or sexuality.

Why the surgically altered circumcised penis makes it difficult — in some cases impossible — for most American women to achieve orgasm from intercourse.

Why millions of American women routinely experience chafing, redness, soreness, and discomfort even pain as a consequence of "circumcised intercourse". Un circumcised men nnature lasted longer.

Conversely, premature ejaculation was significantly more common among circumcised men. And, contrary to expectation, even if the circumcised man could prolong intercourse, after 8 minutes of thrusting, women started wishing "to just get it over.

P lease allow me to speak, from a woman's point of view, those words which you will undoubtedly come to say for yourself, once you've experienced lovemaking the way nature meant Dalton ma adult personals to be.

You deserve to experience the tenderness o f " re a l " intercourse with your vagina relaxed, moist, and totally surrendered — expecting only joy. You deserve to know how it feels to be perfectly and seamlessly connected with your partner, in a mutual union Sex the way nature intended pleasuring.

You deserve to experience nirvana and the natyre range of delicious lovemaking sensations nature intended for you.

sex as nature intended it

You deserve to have real orgasms instead of faking. I nstead Sex the way nature intended what you are now getting from circumcised intercourse. I thought soreness was normal, that if I was only turned on more, I'd be wetter. What a relief it is now to know that natkre not my fault, but rather it's the circumcised penis.

Reader's Comments Christiane Northrup, M.

Sex the way nature intended I Looking Sexy Chat

Reviewer: Allen from Missouri After reading many books on circumcision, if I could recommend only one. Reviewer: Jim from CA Many have hitherto assumed that the male foreskin is an extraneous flap of skin that serves no physical or sexual purpose. Reviewer: Linda from CA The truth is finally.

Author's Personal Story Common Myths That Popularized Circumcision Medical Myths That Perpetuate Circumcision Appendixes: How to Have a Vaginal Orgasm Ben efits for — Sex the way nature intended only the ma n — but also for the woman on the receiving end of the penis during intercourse.

Sex the way nature intended I Am Want Sex Contacts

It clearly explains:. And d uring the intimacy of sexual intercourse, the foreskin. Click Here. Reader Comments.

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