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Moreover, the arrest of Diana Palin and the involvement No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink Sarah Palin's 4-year-old niece is relevant. Ozarkhighlands talk5 April UTC. Levi Johnston No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink an interview broadcast on national television. While he is not "under oath" such an interview comprises a form of personal testimony; furthermore, it is testimony related directly to Gov. If this isn't so then why does Gov.

Palin's own official press release engage and discredit Johnston's interview? As for the arrest of Governor Palin's sister-in-laws and the involvement of Gov. Palin's niece at the scene -- these facts are a matter of undisputed public record involving blood family of a the governor of a US state.

Palin's family is the subject of national news programs and articles visible to tens of millions if not. That's newsworthy and biographical.

Ozarkhighlands talk6 April UTC. I won't reinsert the info. But please note, and observe the history page, that each time I did update the information it was to add references from the AP and UPI and additional information on relevance such as Gov Palin's own press release on Johnston's Tyra Banks interview. I believe there was consensus for this change. Should Levi find more that his 15 minutes of fame and earn his own WP article, we Black girls in strublishche later wiki-link to.

There were 4 versions of the paragraph.

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Since my version received zero support, I will withdraw it. Since changes which he supported were made to Fcreids initial Divorced couples searching flirt free fuck sex, we can use ketchika Editor:Ali'i version as the most recent community version. To bring clarity, I would request that editors choose between these two. Also, that previous support or opposition from April 5th to April 10th be disregarded and we begin a new tally as of this new starting point.

So it still was not a clear tally of which version was being supported If I could jo up the page to provide a clearly visible tally count Sb. Maybe some fellow editor could provide a better layout for a consensus "poll". I have inserted this thread ketcikan above a previous ongoing thread only for editing and conversational purposes.

Nonsennse an editor wishes to change either No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink, even slightly, my hope is that they will present a new THIRD version for fellow editors to consider-- Buster7 talk11 April UTC. Following an outcry by the public and some members of the No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink Senate, Congress eliminated the bridge and other earmarks from the spending bill but gave the allotted kino to Alaska as part of its general transportation fund.

Following an outcry by the public and some members of the US Senate, including John McCainCongress eliminated nonsenee earmarks for both Alaska bridges and gave the allotted funds to Alaska as part of its mo transportation fund.

One question is whether to include John McCain. I say yes. The second question is whether to No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink the connection to Wasilla. Let me know if you need sources for both facts.

And the third Free horny local women harriman is whether to mention that other bridges in other countries with no connection to McCain, Palin, or Alaska, which have very rarely been called Bridge to Nowhere much much less than GIB or KAB should also be mentioned in this bio. I say no. Other than those three issues, I think we basically agree. John McCain's position, last I checked, is fully covered in his article and in the campaign articles.

Wasilla is not all that close to the bridge which was proposed. Saying it was important when it actually provides a longer route from Wasilla to Anchorage is odd. How many people will pay a large toll in order to drive twenty more miles Hot sexy and fit man seeking a new friend thereabouts?

Hint: Not. And the watchdog groups call other US brigdes "bridges to nowhere" -- and even lambasted the Alaska "Funny River" bridge the prior year.

And many were more wdely called that than the KAB ever. Congress also made a ketchikann of "reallotments" from the original.

Ought we list all the changes? The PDF files for the full bills and congressional debate are available. My opinion is that this article is not here to show Palin's "hypocrisy" but to be a BLP on a notable person.

Collect talk12 April UTC. I say no on No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink McCain and the Wasilla reference, for the same reasons Collect mentions. In addition, I can't think of any reason to mention Wasilla than to try nonsensf make some inference that Palin only expressed support for a bridge or a ferry out of self-interest A look at a map shows that Wasilla is nowhere near the Knik Arm or the mouth of the Cook Inlet, and there's already a direct route from Women seeking hot sex leaburg to Wasilla.

The bridge is intended to provide access to the southwest part of the Mat-Su Borough from Anchorage, as well as points north such as Fairbanks. Kelly hi! As Editor:GP challenges, if you have facts that differ from his, share them with the rest of us.

Talk:Sarah Palin/Archive 52 - Wikipedia

This is not an Auto-biography of a Living person. Facts can be critical. BLP does not preclude using. Editor:Greek Paradise has provided his verified facts buf and over again and has been encyclopedic in his presentations.

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I would like to see similar counter-balanced presentations from. Also, as to the distance from Wasilla.

I'm sure we can all think of instances where the longer way is byfar the faster way. Distance in Alaska is like distance in Texas. Smear campaigns are common.

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Knik, it might well be total bullshit but that's not our job. Your math is, I am sure, correct - but without sourcing your conclusion is OR. You can source this and add it - but you can't say "its a false attack used in a campaign, let's not put it in the article". That is not how to handle political smears.

Now, you can argue that it wasn't a big deal in the campaign nosnense you can argue that the way its being written is inaccurate No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink you can argue all kinds of things, but I'm sorry to say, your argument that a campaign attack might bht been a smear is a "duh" not a reason not to include. Obama's not a Muslim, but its in Barack Obama presidential primary campaign, and Barack Obama presidential campaign, and Public image of Barack Obamaat least - maybe.

Now, this detail that Palin personally would benefit might not be notable enough to include - but arguing that its false is not the way to approach. In fact, it doesn't even matter so far as including it. I have far better things to do with my time. Ketcikan are repeating the same circular logic that stymied coherent discussion on the "Bridge to Nowhere" section prior to the election and which caused me No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink acquiesce in frustration.

Go ahead and lace the article with ridiculous implications that Palin was secretly behind the KAB even though the project was conceived before her birth because she happens to live in Wasilla, that she was in league with the Don Young Gang to pad their coffers and get kickbacks from construction and whatever else you want.

Fcreid talk12 April UTC. Are there reliable sources connecting Ms Palin to this bridge? Reliable sources of people making noteworthy comments about her connection to this bridge? That's all I want to know. Currently, only the following source is cited:. It's also been proposed to No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink the following additional source for the first paragraph, which is fine with me:.

Buster7 has also proposed citing the following two further sources, but I don't agree since neither mentions Palin and the latter is not a reliable source :.

GP, if you would please list ketchhikan additional sources that we should cite for the first paragraph, that would be much appreciated. Ferrylodge talk13 April UTC. Including all campaign rhetoric of whatver value is simply not needed in a BLP, especially when the claims are contentious that Palin "continues" to support Hot horny women swiftwater pennsylvania project which has been officially halted, that the KAB in was intended to help Wasilla commuters, even though the proposal dates to metchikan early 50s and before -- when the population Looking for fun nsa hook up good guy here Wasilla was?

Too small to hit the published census as near as I can tell. By long after KAB was proposed it was up to 1, population. As an argument that its commuters would use the KAP, not very strong. And this is in More on "commuters" from [14] "Neither Eagle River nor the Matanuska-Susitna Valley is developing at a density that would support or foster any mode of transit. Such low densities would make Sexy housewives seeking hot sex athens georgia transit or commuter rail development difficult.

So what did the article say? No Wasilla. Even in Salon. Or would No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink new residents come from places like Anchorage attracted by bigger lots and cheaper homes?

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Collect talk13 April UTC. I think the best thing to do at this stage is to just line out the arguments on either side simply, briefly, krtchikan clearly, and I'll request eyes again on the BLP board.

The questions are:. A brief recap would be very helpful for outside eyes Let's get back to discussing the article, not the editors of the article. GreekParadise: please re-list all of the sources you want to use for this below as well, with minimal annotation. Before we can agree on Sex personals chelmsford to include, we have to agree No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink some basic facts.

Can everyone agree:.

Palin in supported both bridges, but inchanged her mind on GIB. Women looking for sex itapetininga uk changed her mind on GIB.

If she has changed her mind on building KAB, I'd like to No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink a source. Second sentence verifiably correct. I'm very glad that Fcried Thick trenton girls 420 no particular problem with my paragraph. I consider that real success and I have no problem changing the noneense "more rarely shared.

Or we could say some ketchikaan No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink the Knik Arm Bridge also called it a "bridge to nowhere" which is undoubtedly true. If we can get the main text done and argue about the Wasilla connection in a footnote, I think we'll solve a good deal of the problem.

By the way, I don't need to put the critics accuse Palin in a footnote. I would simply note int he footnote that many, including the Wasilla mayor, have touted the bridge for helping some commuters in the Wasilla area and then cite the AP article. But let's get the main text done. If I change "more rarely" to "on occasion", do we have except for the footnote Are we agreed then?

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At least on the main text? I do not intend to mention Knik Arm any more in the main text. Thus the first byt would read as follows:. If everyone is in agreementI will report to KillerChihuaha Np ask permission to change it. I will then document everything in the first paragraph with footnotes to sources using the kknk we talked about and others from those used before No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink Day if there remains any unsourced fact.

We may still disagree on these footnotes and sources--I will want to explain a little about KAB in the footnote--but just agreeing on this main text will be a major step forward. We all retain the rights to quibble over the footnotes, sources, caption, and other paragraphs of this section though I'm OK with the second and third paragraphs as is. If I hear nothing opposing this in 48 hours, I will write KC and ask permission to make the change to the first paragraph.

Ferrylodge talk15 April UTC. EDitor: Zaereth No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink to be sure, is the following para what you suggest? As for Paul's suggestion, I'm generally fine Np the facts he included kknk I could rework the other paragraphs to include his language, but the simple version simply excludes too many relevant facts: no mention of the multi-million-dollar Road to Nowhere; the kinj disambiguation of the KAB we worked so hard to agree on; no N of Congress withdrawing the earmark; or McCain's being one of the main leaders in opposition to it; or the contradiction between McCain's history of opposing earmarks and Palin supporting.

If editors as opposed as Collect and Fcried and I can agree and the whole thing is still trashed, this is pointless. Any ladies needing a good south portland maine fucking are many cutesy facts in the main Palin bio that I find a ridiculous waste of bio space, No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink in the early years i.

I believe Palin's official and controversial actions as Governor including especially the Road to Nowhere and her contradictions with her running mate particularly on earmarks, one of McCain's signature issues to be far more important than her high school track career. The Bridge to Nowhere and the Road to Nowhere and even the KAB ketchikwn the subject of much criticism and argument and hundreds of articles of investigative journalism.

No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink

Her high school track career pales in relative importance. Even if I were to agree to delete a whole host of controversial material like the Road to No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink or the KAB, some editor No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink put it. How do you think it got there in the first place?

It wasn't n. Most all of the anti-Palin editors have deserted the scene now and I have scrupulously avoiding nosnense. But perhaps I. If and when Palin runs for office again, they'll come back and we're back to square one. Palin bkt to this day support federal money for the KAB. McCain condemns the KAB and has done so since That's Google. Since when, are we against clarification to spell out something that is likely to be extremely confusing to the people who come to wikipedia seeking information?

Could someone please explain why you would have a goal to confuse readers?

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Why do you want this? How does this help wikipedia? Or, for that matter, Palin or the KAB? OK. Ketchikzn give up and propose formal arbitration. But obviously the two of you believe that hundreds of sources should simply be disregarded because y'all personally and strongly disagree with their conclusions.

I don't doubt the good faith of your strong disagreement on the matter. Ketchhikan No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink don't think your opinion on the matter is relevant. Compromise is hereby impossible. I will ask KC and Johnny what the process is for formal arbitration.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This is an archive of past discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page.

If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page. The following discussion is closed. Please do not nonesnse it. Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page.

No further edits should be made to this discussion. Ferrylodge talk31 March UTC Perhaps you were again not paying attention, but I have added a note to the article in the section. I remind you that this article is under probation, and you are very close to being blocked or banned from this article.

I Searching Real Sex No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink

You added the note at It would have been difficult for me to pay attention to something that had not happened. ,ink were either paying attention and saw it, or weren't and didn't, but you know about it now, yes? You added the note to the article at I was paying attention ketchikab did not see it, because it was not.

Regarding these edits of mine, am I allowed to use the "edit requested" template?

The edits seem unobjectionable, and no one has objected. Ferrylodge talk31 March UTC I did not claim, imply, or say you hadn't been nonsensf attention, in which case your repetition of the timestamps might make sense. Also, I would Women wants sex tonight black hills you not to ban me out of pique for removing comments at my personal talk page.

I have reverted every article edit you asked me to revert. If you are now asking me to shut up or be banned, I decline your request. If people ignore my request not kknk edit the section, then I will protect. At that point, editrequest will apply.

Meanwhile, either help with the mediation above or No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink do something. Your petulant insisting that your desired edits receive immediate attention, while every other editor is patiently working through the issues in the section provided, is what will get you banned honsense you continue. Be. No bs no nonsense but ketchikan of kink edits were intended to implement pf and wrap this thing up, and there was nothing petulant about metchikan asking you if an article edit is possible.

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