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Looking for ltc with the right women

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Lately, the notion that "LTC is a Women's Issue" has been generating a lot of buzz, but the truth is our industry has been tugging at this thread for years.

In my possession are studies, statistics, articles, and agent presentations dating back as far asand I'm certain I could Looking for ltc with the right women deeper. Not much has changed since those early days-- perhaps the attempts at segregating the demo were more ham-handed then-- but a calculated attempt to market LTCi to women has been an ongoing plotline for years.

What's not so obvious is whether this is desirable or warranted. As we've taught before, the perennial problem with "locking on" too single-mindedly is the danger of seeing the Old Hag at the expense of the Young Maiden see image at right.

Looking for ltc with the right women

It serves no purpose disenfranchising entire segments of the population, which is why dubious phrases like "LTC is a Women's Issue" make poor Sales Ideas.

I could choose from literally hundreds, but let's cite just a few so we speak a Looking for ltc with the right women tongue:. It's an extremely challenging portrait, is it not? One LIMRA article suggests that women Black pussy gay behind men in retirement planning for any number of reasons, Looking for ltc with the right women choice of more flexible career roles and lack of financial literacy sigh But the trends had become too obvious too ignore.

Besides, as one actuary put it, "We've always had gender-based rates: we just blended them here in the home office before the ratebook reached the field. The companies depended on receiving and issuing a certain ratio of male-to-female applicants, and all was right with the world.

What if one company received an extraordinarily high number of female applicants? They are costlier claimants who don't pay the premiums they. Without enough men to balance them out it could topple the ship.

Enter gender-based rates: men pay what men cost, and women pay what women cost. No longer does it matter how witb men or women apply and are issued.

EHB Insurance Group - LTC

Neither can upset the balance of the ship. For this reason, gender-distinct pricing is said to provide greater protection against the need for a potential rate increase. In spite of this, CA consumer advocate and perennial sourpuss Bonnie Burns has called gender-based pricing, " bad public policy and As of this writing two industry leaders have so far taken the leap, while their peers are more reticent. Whether gender-based pricing becomes universally adopted or not may be the result of a feedback loop in which we can all participate.

Sample: "Chances are, you've experienced being a caregiver at some point in your life, so you know how demanding a role it can be. Agents were presented with Psych lessons regarding the difference between the male brain "compartmentalized", "task-oriented" and the female brain "connection-oriented", "holistic".

It would be humorous to laugh-off such psychodynamics as relics of the past, but one carrier Looking for ltc with the right women !

Perhaps attempting to capitalize on this, one clever LTCi agency developed a marketing campaign whereby female shoppers were paired with female agents.

It's a V-8 idea that raises an intriguing question. If the narrative is that long-term care overwhelmingly touches women's lives, then shouldn't we expect How to apologize for hurtful words find an Looking for ltc with the right women of women in bottom-to-top roles, from producer to C-Suite Executive?

There could be a myriad of reasons for the lack of proportionate representation of women in a "women's issue" field.

Or perhaps the premise is wrong. As reported herehere and here for 3 years now: women's lifespans are shortening. Reasons why include women working outside the home, job-related stress factors, alcoholism, smoking and immigration.

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The ramifications of equal longevity between the sexes in the next few decades will change everything we know about long-term care delivery and funding.

This trend will "alter the dynamic of caregiving from a primarily female burden to a shared responsibility.

However, statistics only take us so far. I'd like to go beyond thee numbers, or "Beyond Dollars" [. Respectfully, I would suggest it is much. First, our language should evolve from the 's: rather than vary between "compartmentalized" and "holistic" psychobabble, we could speak Deting girl by choosing language appealing to "primary earners" vs.

The former is concerned with keeping his or her financial commitments into retirement, while the latter relies on Looking for ltc with the right women income of the former to provide for the day-to-day needs of the family.

In both cases, a sale is impossible if love for others is not present. Just as importantly, if you've ever provided care then you know that Mom's extended care is not her "issue".

It cuts a swath through the family like a tornado cutting through a small town.

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It sweeps up Dad. It becomes Daughter's issue and Son's issue. Siblings who don't participate in the caregiving or the funding still participate by stirring up resentment that lingers for years and helps to rip the family apart.

Caregivers miss time with their own families-- spouses and children of any gender "Beyond Dollars" wommen them as secondary and tertiary caregivers.

So you see, our premise fails to live up to the hype. LTC is not a women's issue-- it's an everybody issue. Extended care impacts.

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Not only has this been true in the past, but it will become more pronounced as longevity between the genders equalizes. Our messaging must reflect this reality or risk alienating significant markets.

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It's all how you see it. Posted By: Stephen D. Connect With Us. Most Popular.

Looking for ltc with the right women

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